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 . .  a great script come with very few issues. Good but the opening scene . . .  that scene, scene is way too long, it doesn't have to be that long. This is the kind of scene that . . .  there is nothing that you don't do you know the whole plot because this is the kind of scene that you write to in the beginning of the movie. You know the whole plot and you have it already. You have it fully in your head. You don't need to make a scene where a guy drives a truck and rolls on that trailer and I can see the trailer breaking, I can see the whole thing and then I understand it. You don't need to show me that guy. I get it, but they're not into the trailer and I can see the trailer from the side and then we get into this and we get into it and then and then we see the trailer. That scene that you write and you think oh, I'm going to use a truck and I'm going to roll on a trailer and we're going to roll on this and you're going to roll on this. That scene that you write, you must be very confident of that scene and you must be very sure about that. Because that kind of a scene only makes sense if the character you're playing is really so confident about it. It also makes the scene funnier to us, because if you feel that you're going to be in a scene that you know about so well, it's going to be funny for you to be in that scene. It's always a good thing to be in a scene. So, they're not going to be able to say what they have said. You get it, you know the whole plot, then you can make a scene with only one guy in it, you can make a scene with two girls in it, three girls in it, four girls in it. And you don't need to show me a trailer. I get it. I get that, I get it. I get that, I get that. So, what is the problem? Okay. Because it is too long. And what's the problem with too long? So many films. So many films we watch. Because we are fond of watching, you know, action, comedy and so many other stuff. There are so many films that are not just ten minutes long. So, you know we watch, we watch these films and then we




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Bareilly Ki Barfi Hd 720p Movie Download valger

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