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Hotate Sashimi (Tray/pack)

Hotate Sashimi (Tray/pack)

S$32.80 Regular Price
S$29.80Sale Price

Hotate (Scallops) Sashimi ほたて


Flown in specially and individually quick frozen to ensure that it's kept at its peak state!
Simply defrost to enjoy as sashimi or make your own carpaccio with ikura or caviar.


Each pack either comes with 20 plump slices OR 7-8 jumbo pieces (about 220-250g), priced at only $29.80.

Ps. We will upgrade the tray automatically with wild caught Jumbo Hotate (7-8pc) if tray is OOS

Please only order if you’re ok with this (no refunds/exchange upon order)


Served at omakase and many fine dining/upscale establishments.
We highly recommend to get it along with our ikura and bafun uni! 

To make it even more fanciful, top it off with our truffles and add truffle oil to it~