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Premium Bafun Uni (50g/250g)

Premium Bafun Uni (50g/250g)

S$56.00 Regular Price
S$42.00Sale Price
Premium Bafun Uni! 50g at $42 now (U.P $62), best price in the market for licensed supplier! 

100g at $86 (U.P. $108) 
250g at $168 (U.P $218)

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Imported directly from Japan. We ONLY deliver on the same day when shipment arrives for ultimate freshness.

This is seasonal and super hard to come by!! Sold 100-200 trays frequently!

*All orders with Uni must be pre-ordered latest by Friday 2359 for next week delivery, any orders made after will be for the week after batch.

Product info:
-Bafun Uni (50g, 100g, 250g ) served at various quality Jap restaurants!
-Perfect portion for 1 - 2 pax, 4 pax and 8 pax
-Fresh from Japan Auction, keep in chiller maximum up to 4 days only

*No cancellations, no refunds upon order (please be certain before you checkout as this special promotion slot is extremely limited).

Do note that any uni orders left uncollected at stipulated time of collection will be dispose of, due to it's perishable nature (no exceptions will be made)

We aim to provide the best quality, reasonably- dependant on weather conditions as well. Brands will differ as it depends on what we procure at the auction (photos on for illustration).

If our brand of Bafun Uni happens to be unavailable, we will replace with uni of similar quality. Note that the season is still transmitting between Bafun to Murasaki, so there could be a mix as well. Please only buy if you’re ok with it.