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Hokkaido Ikura (Shoyu Zuke, A grade)

Hokkaido Ikura (Shoyu Zuke, A grade)

S$16.80 Regular Price
S$12.80Sale Price

Hokkaido Ikura (Shoyu Zuke, AAA grade)
This is the best grade that you can find, with slight alcohol flavor and bursts in your mouth.


Salmon roe imported from Japan and now selling at only $12.80 nett per tub! (40g)
We also have 100g tub and 250g tray available now to accomodate to bigger appetite needs!

Prices of Salmon roe has been increased tremendously everywhere else now due to crazy demand.

AP's price is still the best in the market, limited stocks left.

It is a flavorful, nutrient-rich food that is served in a variety of ways.


Consumption of salmon roe may promote fetal neural development and reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease in adults.


Category: Seafood, Sashimi Imported from Japan

Best Before: Frozen up to 10 months
Simply defrost to enjoy it as sashimi (do not defrost and refreeze)