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Botan Ebi (HUGE sweet prawns sashimi)

Botan Ebi (HUGE sweet prawns sashimi)


Distinctively sweet and extremely sweet, imported from Japan is our NEW on the menu:
Botan Ebi (also known as jumbo sweet prawns)

Approximately 3 times bigger than the more common Ama Ebi

Super easy to peel for sashimi enjoyment, the large Botan Ebi’s head is also used by Omakase Japanese chefs as a centre piece garnish!  Shells and heads can be deep-fried for the extra crunch afterwards.


Comes frozen and can be kept up to 6 months! (TOP Sashimi grade)
Best enjoy as it is! Simply defrost to consume as sashimi, or with sushi rice. 

How to prepare:
1. Thaw overnight in chiller
2. Rinse under cold water, pat dry with kitchen towel and separate prawn head, roes, and shell.
3. Leave in salt ice water for about 15 min
4. Top it off with Wasabi and dip soy sauce! UMAMI!

Intro price $26 for 3 pc set (U.P $32.80) OR  6pc set only at $50 NOW (U.P $65.60)