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Bluefin Tuna Sashimi (Chutoro and Otoro)

Bluefin Tuna Sashimi (Chutoro and Otoro)


Bluefin Tuna, called Hon Maguro in Japanese, is prepared as a Saku (block).

The mighty Bluefin is the most coveted and desired large fish in the world. It is a symbol of luxury and excellence of taste. Fished in the Japanese oceans and immediately deep frozen on board.

Which should I pick?
Go for Chutoro: If you like the distinct medium-full flavor that shifts from light to rich umami, complemented by a texture ranging from soft to semi-firm.

Go for Otoro: If you enjoy the completely smooth, rich and melting experience in your mouth.

Ulitmately, if you are a true Maguro (Tuna) fan, go for both at an even better deal! 
Our Chutoro and otoro are both sashimi grade with intense fat marbling, resulting in a smooth, buttery taste with melt-in-your-mouth texture that is served at the finest Omakase Japanese restaurants.

We have specially portioned each block at about 200g, so that it's a perfect amount for 2 -3 pax. 
Thaw half day in fridge (1-4 degrees) or ice cold bath for 1 hour and slice 8-12 thick pieces to consume as sashimi immediately (do not refreeze)

Storage: Keep frozen up to 2 months (Brand new pack)

How to handle: Maguro requires extra care as it's very sensitive.
Please keep frozen below 18 degrees and only defrost in ice cold bath when you're ready to consume (or defrost in fridge 0 - 4 degrees for half a day, while in the ziplock bag)
Please do not leave it outside in room temperature as it will oxidize very easily.