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Italian Black Summer Truffle (100g)

Italian Black Summer Truffle (100g)

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Bringing you our frozen Black Summer Truffle, the ideal and permanent solution to taste the freshness, aromatic flavour of our Italian truffle! It's frozen at the peak of its ripening and allows you to enjoy the sophisticated flavour ANY TIME you want.

Not only does it tastes good, it's way more affordable than fresh truffles! Worry not, the fragrance is still as fantastic. 100g each pack.

Defrost for 3 min to shave on any hot food! (keep frozen for 2 months)

We also have fresh truffles available for a short period now, as it's currently in season! (By request only)

Very precious! Do take note that it requires extra care to maintain the freshness and it does get mouldy easily if you do not follow the instructions (please only get fresh ones if you're willing to put in extra time)

1) Wrap with kitchen towel and keep in air tight bag or container to ensure no moisture comes in contact with the truffles

2) Keep in cool place ( fridge ) not freezer

3) Take out to air and change the kitchen towel every 1-2 days

4) Should there be a little white mould growing on the surface, brush it off with a little water and toothbrush gently.

5) If cared for properly, can be kept up to 10 days. Please try to consume as soon as possible.
  • Other information

    Country of Origin: Italy
    Type: Tuber aestivum
    Weight: 100g per packet
    Shelf Life: up to 1 month in freezer